Stick War


Stick War is a fun defense game with elements of RTS and tactics. You must assemble a stickman army and attempt to conquer the world one territory at a time! Build mines to collect precious gold and jewels, which you will then use to buy new units like archers, troops, and catapults.

You must continue to maintain a steady supply of supplies while still keeping the forces growing in order to combat enemy invaders and smash their fortress. For each land you win, you earn stat points that you can use to upgrade your units and fortress, such as increasing the speed of your troops or the damage of your archers. Will you rule the stick world and win the stick war?


AD or left/right arrow to move the character 
Space bar to perform an operation


—Many new units to activate 
—You can order each character on the battlefield manually 
— Units that can be upgraded and the castle

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