Starbase Gunship


Starbase Gunship is a base defense game in which you must repel the enemy's fleet's attack.

You are the arms officer on the futuristic AC-130 gunship. All that stands between thousands of civilian lives and an Alien invasion fleet are your fast reflexes and a bunch of hot lead.



—You can just fire the gunship's weapon systems, not power it. Shoot with the mouse or keyboard arrow keys (or WASD keys) 
—Fire with the left mouse button or spacebar 
—Zoom in with the right mouse button or "Z" key 
—Turn to search mode with the "X" key on the keyboard. This will help you to determine which enemy ships are equipped with nuclear warheads 
— Once you've unlocked more weapons, you can turn between them by using your mouse's scroll wheel or the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys on your keyboard.
—To use the in-game menu, press the Escape key on your keyboard.

Tips for Starbase Gunship:

— Equip the Gunship with Lasers, Missiles, and a Vulcan Cannon.
—Upgrade the guns to maximize their firepower and range. 
—Improve the Starbase's hull plating.
—Use nuclear bombs to destroy whole fleets of hostile ships.

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