Sharks 3D

Sharks 3D Multiplayer is an .io game that you can enjoy for free. Welcome to the wonderful and dangerous world of sharks! A three-dimensional game in which you evolve by swallowing smaller sharks, bigger shark tails, or dead sharks.


—Move the mouse to control the shark's course 
—Hold down the left mouse button to swim slowly 
—Press 'S' to look backwards 
—Press 'A' to turn to the 'first person' view
Z to show/hide bots

Rules of Shark 3D io:

—Claw other sharks by swimming towards them 
— Smaller sharks, the tails of bigger sharks, and dead sharks may all be eaten 
— Eating sharks makes you bigger 
— If you do not feed, your height reduces 
— Swimming steadily reduces the height at a slower pace 
— Per 30 seconds, you can only bite the same shark once.

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