Smashers-io is a fun and game that incorporates a fun cartoon-inspired gameplay feature on top of the mechanics. You must smash your opponents to bits with your massive mallet in this game! You must walk around the map collecting the different colored gems littered on the ground; these gems allow you to increase in size and boost the damage of your mallet.

Attempt to stop being struck yourself; otherwise, your height will be reduced and you will be killed. Use your mallet to your advantage and attempt to kill the other players - but beware of the big smasher, who will stun you and leave you wide open to strike!


—Move  mouse to control the character's movement 
Left click or space bar to break 
Right click or W to sprint


—A casual gameplay that is reminiscent of the arcade games 
—whack-a-gator and whack-a-mole Characters' and worms' amusing expressions 
— Despite its limited size at first, the character is capable of smashing a very large hammer 
— You have the ability to adjust the colour and presentation 
— Collect bits to increase your scale 
– Worms that can be smashed to obtain fragments

Strategy: Smash as many opponents as you can with your stick. Whack the worms to make them rise quicker. But beware of the larger worms! You should hit them before they stun you.

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