Shootz-io is a multiplayer online shooting game with a leveling system. Collecting scattered dots would allow you to advance in the game. Each level up grants you a new character model as well as improved skills. Shoot any opponents you come across while avoiding being targeted. Get out of the fight for a while to replenish your fitness.


- To fire, use the left mouse button.
- To dash, use the right-click . Features:

- Characters of varying classes
- There are only two abilities: shoot and sprint.

How to play and strategy:

- To manipulate your character, use your mouse. To fire, press the left mouse button.
- Destroy red circles and collect pink dots to boost your score and levels.
- Destroy other teams to earn bonus points.
- Kill people by shooting them. It's up to you whether you want to be a sniper or a machine-gunner. To get better, step up.

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