SeaDragons-io is a snake-themed multiplayer game. You play a legendary beast who lives in the depths of the sea, struggling for life against other creatures of its kind. Consume marine creatures (fish, plankton orbs) in order to get longer and bigger. The larger your mass, the more threatening you are to other sea dragons. Full quests to obtain new cards depicting various sea dragon animals.


- Move the mouse pointer to guide your dragon's movement. 
- To run, press or hold the left mouse button.

   Only bear in mind that sprinting lowers the bulk. Make good use of it. The length of your body is vital to life. The longer you live, the more chances you have of trapping other dragons. However, regardless of the mass, stop colliding your head with the bodies of others. A single blow means defeat. Collect cards to unlock new creatures and level up those you already have. The longer your starting body, the higher the level of your favorite dragon.

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