In, you must choose a hero and fight other players on the battlefield. Each hero has special abilities that can be used to your advantage. Survive as long as you can and scale the leaderboard!


—To move/attack, use the right mouse button. 
—To use skills, use Q and E.
A + LMB to strike the target nearest to the cursor 
P to open the options menu


—A large and interesting battlefield 
—Upgradable characters 
—Different positions with special abilities to use 
—System of leaderboards

    Pick your hero and destroy your enemies. Every hero has two distinct abilities to employ, with plenty of space for outplay and mechanical prowess. The gamemode is a free-for-all war in which every player fights every other player. Your only aim is to live as long as possible while leveling up and becoming better. Climb the leaderboards by breaking new kill streak and kill count records!

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