Satelite-io is a space-based strategy io game in which you orbit the Earth and battle other players. Take out the existing chief or set a new high score for yourself! You are your own tool as well as someone else's nightmare!


-Press room, or tap/click the button, to increase your ship's speed and set up an orbit. 
-Press enter to open the chat panel and verbally slap those other players.
-To send your messages, type into the chat box once it is open and press enter again, or hit the send button.


-Start by boosting a few times, then at the top of your arc, boost a few more times to widen your orbit and escape the Earth! -Orbit closer to the Earth to earn more points!
-If you just want to be protected, go to the outer limits, but keep an eye on your score because you'll get less points.
-Sit on the Earth if you just want to talk and watch the action.
Wait for a successful chance to launch an attack from Earth, or change your orbit to kill your targets.
-Perform a short sequence of boosts from the start to exclude an incoming player
-Don't raise too far because you'll burst on the game's edges 
-If you don't lift enough, you'll fall back down to Earth in a massive blast.


To get a high score, orbit the Earth closely, but don't let any other players smash into you or you'll have to restart. Ascend the ranks to become the boss. Maintain your moves to avoid the other players until you've taken the lead, and you'll be able to keep the crown!

Don't want to compete for the highest score? Instead, aim for the leader and derail someone else's effort to break the record. Change your orbit strategically or go for a huge sequence of boosts to blow them out in an exciting blast!

Create an account with your preferred third-party site to keep track of your high score and the number of leaders you have defeated. Take the throne and show it! Try to outperform your own and everyone else's scores!

Satelite io is a 2D one-button physics-based explosion-filled game in which you can circle the Earth and defeat other players. Begin on Earth, then use boosters to launch into space and create an orbit. Earn a high score or destroy as many leaders as you can to win the title. But don't stop there; you'll be the next target, so keep an eye on things because everyone has you on their radar and is planning their own attacks! Do whatever it takes to get the star, but don't smash into the ground to escape the other players who are attempting to ram you. Keep the number one ranking for as long as possible when rubbing it in everyone's ears!

Satelite .io can be accessed from any location using a mobile computer, phone, or PC. On the front page, enter a username and your spacecraft will be ready to fly. Register your account for easier access and future functionality.

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