NuggetRoyale-io is a game in which you fight other players as a chicken. Each match has only one winner in true Battle Royale fashion. Should you be the nugget or the king of the chickens? Best wishes!


—Use the WASD or arrow keys to walk.
Spacebar for jumping 
—Area for dashing, and is used to drive other chickens
—Reserve place in the air for flight.
—To sprint, double-tap the transfer keys. is an RPG io game created by the same person who created! In Nugget Royale, you play as a small chicken fighting for its life in a factory farm in a battle royale style. It's a sad sad world being trapped in a chicken cage and being launched by a conveyor belt.In the video, 80 players are trapped on top of a disk above a horrifying grinder. The disk is unbalanced, and everyone who comes off it dies and transforms into a chicken nugget. The player has a few moves that can be used to survive the race, including walking, sprinting, skipping, and dashing. The game is won by the player with the highest score on the disc. The leaderboard's top player receives the crown, making him or her the supreme nugget master and king of the chickens.

  Earn nuggets to unlock new hats such as a visor hood, ketchup cap, deep fry basket, and drinking lid. Gather all of the caps! Players that consume the most corn grow the largest and have an easy time moving other disk chickens. You begin the game at the smallest height, but you do have some jumping advantages. Eat corn, dash other teams, sit on the disk's highest point, and have fun. It's free to play

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