Bomby-io is a game that is entertaining. io avoid game in which you must navigate the map while avoiding other players and bombs that clutter the playing area. You manipulate a small yellow emoji icon that increases in size when you accumulate the green gems scattered across the map. To try to kill your enemies, you can even drop bombs that blow after a certain amount of time.

Aside from other teams, you must also stop the mines that have been put on the map; these mines are heat seeking and will be drawn to your emoji if you come too close. If you come into contact with a yellow mine, you will be stunned and your breathing will be slowed for a short period of time. The red mines, on the other hand, would erupt and do significant damage. A speed boost can be used to avoid a huge cluster of mines or to flee from your enemies. Can you survive the explosive arena?



—Move with your mouse 
Left click to release a bomb 
Right click to increase speed


In, you must avoid Meanies and other players' explosives in order to catch as many Jewels as possible. The more Jewels you win, the more powerful your bombs get when you annihilate bad guys and pave a path to more riches.

As you cautiously navigate a complex and ever-changing world of risk, speed-boost your way through future challenges or away from other players. Track your score against other players from around the world to demonstrate your prowess in Jewel collection or Meanie eradication.

With simple controls and addictive gameplay, this is a game you should start playing right away. And, if you're fortunate, you might be able to track down the fabled "Poo Cap," which sends Meanies running in fear from your stinky shenanigans!

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