Lunarblast-io is a no-cost iogame. Welcome to a smooth-looking first-person multiplayer space shooter title. Simply enter your name, choose your spacecraft, and press the play button to enter a galaxy of moons and stars to compete against other planes.

 Control: The controls are straightforward: drag to target and press (or space) to fire. The goal is simple: get the highest possible score and climb the iogame-style leaderboard, and most importantly, have fun. Lunarblast .io is unlike any other space shooter game in terms of seamless graphics, quick gameplay, and legless multiplayer. To ensure optimal gameplay, the match size is held to about 20 players, and when players are not online, practical AI takes their spot. Lunarblastio also sells game merchandise. We also have an exclusive deal in which there is an opportunity in the game to activate a more powerful laser if you look at our merch.

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