Kazap.io allows you to engage in a thrilling multiplayer starship war! You start out as a small spaceship, but you expand in size. The greater your scale, the greater your injury. Other players can be tracked down by targeting them with the laser and retrieving their orbs until they are killed. Be cautious of the laser fences that surround the map; if you touch them, your starship will be lost. Are you ready to engage in a space battle?


Power your ship with your keyboard. It plays similarly to an asteroids game, but with the inclusion of braking and super-boost.

- The arrow keys (left and right), as well as the W and D keys, rotate you left and right.
- Thrusters are enabled by pressing the up arrow key and W.
- To reverse thrust, use the Down Arrow and S.
- To fire your pistol, press K or X.
- The spacebar is used to accelerate.
- Z or L is to apply the brakes, come to a complete halt, and slow down.

   Collect the energy balls that are dispersed across the map. You will expand as you accumulate them. When you reach size 30, your field of vision will begin to widen, allowing you to see more of the map around you. At 60, you will be visible to everyone in the game on the navigation minimap in the lower right, and you will be hunted! Your strength, on the other hand, is immense, and you can reach them before they even get close, so show no mercy. Continue collecting orbs to get the highest possible ranking.

Goal of the game
The object of the game is to get as many points as possible. You can go it solo, or you can use the group connection to collaborate with your colleagues. To raise your score, collect orbs and kill enemies. Your size and strength increase as your score increases. Your shots deal more harm, your field of view expands, but your rate of fire and turning rate slows. When you reach size 60, you will be clear on the minimap for all players to track down, so make sure your sniping abilities are up to the challenge - even the smallest ship will take you down easily!

You are tiny in the early game, but not as weak as you believe. Your primary objective is to capture electricity, which can be seen all over the map. Keep an eye out for red '!' icons on your screen; these mean that enemy fire is going your way! Once you've honed your piloting abilities, you should go after other teams, including the big ones. When you're young, you can shoot and switch quickly, but you have limited protection. Any other enemy will kill you with one blow. However, if you get close enough, you can shred them with the acceptable rate of fire. Approach with caution, avoiding incoming fire, and using boost to get in close enough.

You will be bigger and more visible on the map by the mid-game. Use your visibility to your advantage when selecting battles. When threatened, fly backwards to attract your opponent to you. Your rate of fire is slower, but your shots are extremely powerful. Time the shots to coincide with the attacker's attempt to shift course or whether he is unable to see you.

Late in the game, you've grown to a huge size of 60. You're so huge that you're visible on everyone's minimap. They can tell where you are and which way you are looking. Stay at the boundaries of the play area and participate at full range to keep the back secured. Since you can see far more than someone bigger than you, strike them from away, but don't hesitate! At this point, never underestimate the strength of flying in reverse!

 Kazap io is a fast-paced 2D dogfighting game in which you gather energy to increase your strength. Join your mates to easily take down bigger players, or try your talents as a lone wolf to see how long you can live!

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