Doomz-io is a complicated game about collecting resources and creating a base alone or with mates. To gather stones and timber, touch rocks and trees. This tools can be used to build walls and gold diggers. Your foundation is protected by the walls. Gold diggers will supply you with gold over time. The objective, as in games, is to level up by collecting resources. Keep an eye out for other people, since they can become aggressive and threaten you at any moment.


- Keys for movement: W,A,S,D
- To gather/attack, use the LMB or Spacebar.
- Take a look: Mouse
- Quick Select [Empty Hands]: RMB 
- Quick Select [Health Potion]: Q Key
- Auto Attack: press the E key.
- Press or Pick Item: 1-6 Keys
- Inventory window: I Key or Tab Key 
- Shop window:
- Enter Key - Chat:
- To close a frame, press the ESC key.

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