Dizzytroopers.io is a top-down multiplayer shooter title. Your character begins to spin, and you must destroy the enemies; with each good kill, the dizziness subsides, and you will soon be able to shoot freely!

How to play:

Desktop controls include: To switch back, use the WASD or ARROW keys. To shoot, click and drag the mouse (when you are not dizzy)

Mobile controls: To switch around, use the left on-screen joystick. To fire, press the right crosshair button. When you are not dizzy, the crosshair button will be replaced by an on-screen joystick. Move this joystick to target and fire simultaneously.

Bumping players with more stars than you causes them to dizzy by one yellow star.

If you die, you will resurrect with one yellow star.

Items: Power-ups can occur at random positions on the map in each match. Run over them to pick them up and reap various advantages.

Keep an eye out for the following power-ups/items:

—Green Star: causes dizziness in everyone but you. (Short-term)
—Lightning: provides a (temporary) speed increase.
—Rapid Fire: Raises the rate of fire temporarily.
—Shield: Protects you from attack for a limited time.
—Red Pill: Helps you regain more of your fitness.
—Yellow Pill: Removes one yellow star, reducing dizziness.

Strategy: Remember not to spam the shots while dizzy. Instead, keep it calm and timing the shots while spinning. To stop getting bumped, keep the distance from the leader. If you are in the lead, make contact with other players to help you keep the lead. Bullets will ricochet off the walls, so try to take advantage of this and pull off some imaginative shots.

Have a good time!

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