Towerz-io is a no-cost iogame. Aside from being a take on the classic stacking games of yesteryear and allowing you to see the playing field from their unique, minimalistic perspective. This game explores the idea of transforming stacking games into a multi-player battle royale. That's right, you're not only up against yourself in this game; you're up against a group of players from all over the world who are standing shoulder to shoulder with you while they build their own towers one brick at a time. You'll be dealing with the same physics and challenges as they are. 

 Control:  2 Play Modification:

1- Games: You can play with other people or with bots.
2- Play with Friends: Make rooms where you can practice against your friends.

 To get a perfect score, press the mouse when the timing is correct.

  In terms of play, this is as fair as it comes. So, do you think you'll be able to hold your own against the competition? Now is your opportunity to prove it by tapping at precisely the right time and in precisely the right position to guarantee that the dropping blocks stack up and never fall down. You'll have to be strong if you want to outlast, out-build, and out-stack the competition. This is a game in which the wheat is divided from the chaff. You must ask yourself if you are the best builder of your generation. A individual who can press, drop, stack, and make their way all the way to the top of the great big skyscraper?

 Or would you miss the target, drop the stone, and end up as a nameless no-one spinning their wheels in the universe beneath the towerz? The decision is yours to make, and you can do so by tapping, playing, and choosing your own destiny.

  Create the world's largest and tallest blocks. Stack the blocks as high as you possibly can.

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