Fall Bros io


Fall Bros is an iogame that is downloadable for download. Welcome to the vicious realm of Fall bros, where bros eat bros. Where you must sharpen your elbows if you want to avoid first touch with a world full of other pastel-colored bros who want nothing more than to knock you around and smash you underfoot as they charge their way to victory. There can only be one winner in this game, and the winner is determined by who can avoid the obstacles the most accurately. If you want to win the crown and go for glory, you must climb through holes, stop sliding walls, dodge crashing bricks and spikes, and body search your way to the front of the line. Fall Bros! is the ultimate Fall Guys online experience. 

  Play the most famous level, Hex-A-Gone, whenever and wherever you want!

 Survive the longest by not collapsing. Defeat the enemies by kicking them off the boards. Use clever tactics to improve the game!

  We will keep working to better the game experience. Keep an eye out for new updates!


- To switch, use the WASD keys.
- Space to jump

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