TheLast-io is a 2D fantasy battle royale game with an epic fantasy atmosphere. You must use a combination of magic and melee abilities to fight in this game. To outlast your enemies and be the last character standing, you must work hard and do everything possible. You must shoot yourself out of a dragon's nest at the beginning of the campaign, similar to the Battle Bus in Fortnite! Keep an eye out for various loot chests and get whatever new guns and gear you can!


- WASD or arrow keys for movement
- Mouse pointer for aiming/looking
- To strike, use the left mouse button.
- Communicating with others: E
- Toggle between weapons/items: 1-6, mouse wheel, or clicking on an inventory slot
- Jumping from the dragon and descending faster: the space bar
- Accessory to use: the space bar


- Various weapons to use, including enchanted weapons and abilities 
- The training area has a large dragon nest, and as the match begins, you are leaping from a dragon. 
- Things that can be destroyed
- Simple and intuitive user interface

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