Shootup is a zombie gunman game. You've been stuck in a strange place. It's just as well, because it's infested with zombies. For you, there is only one choice... ALL OF THEM MUST BE SHOOTED! Build a base or use your car to annihilate the zombies. Join together with your mates or go head-to-head with the other survivors. Bonuses, ammunition, turrets, and landmines will all be unlocked.

 Control:  COMMANDS - On the Settings Button, you can adjust the commands.

- W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D / Arrow keys for travel
- To shoot, use the left mouse button.
- To place a structure, right-click / B.
- Communicate with others: SEPARATE ROOM
- In a motorcycle, run / drift: Shift
- To change your weapon, press the number key, click on it, or use the mouse wheel.
- To change the house, just click on it (bottom right)


- If you approach them too closely, they will target you.
- If you fire a gun or get into a vehicle, zombies will hear you and pursue you.
- Find objects on the field or ruin houses to find items.
- You will unlock an update or a new building for every 100 zombies you shoot.
- Care to drift if the vehicle was trapped (Shift)
- Be certain you have enough oil to operate a vehicle.
- If you don't fire after a certain time, zombies will stop chasing you

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