DogFlight is an iogame that is available for download. Welcome to the tumultuous field of air war. You're a fighter pilot flying your favorite jet. At each level, you'll be up against real-life opponents from all over the world. Other players, much like you, are preparing to participate in aerial combat and dogfights in order to fulfill their missions. The catch is that you won't be piloting the plane exactly the same manner you will in most aerial fighting games. One of's many unique features is that you pilot your ship by using your mouse to locate a spot within a certain distance of your ship. Your plane would then continue to arc around the middle of the pinpointed spot.  This is a tricky way to fly, dodge enemy fire, hunt down enemies, and complete your objectives, but the most fun you'll get in this game will come from solving the puzzle. You'll be able to update what kind of ship you have and its weapon systems as you advance, win, and go on. In this particular dogfighting game, think strategically to see how you can defeat your enemies. Since, note, you'll be playing an online free-to-play top view 2d shooter in this video. The browser version can be played with one hand and is managed with a mouse press, while the smartphone version maintains a lot of playability. You may play alone or in groups of up to five people. The game's rules are simple and can be picked up while you play.


  Controls in the browser: Use the left mouse button to switch, and the right mouse button to shoot. You can configure both the side to rotate to and the radius of the rotation by pressing left in either section of the panel.

  Tap to transform, drag to shoot on a mobile device. You can set the side to rotate to as well as the radius of the rotation by pressing. On planes with turrets, the angle of fire is determined by the drag vector.

**Mission: Assist your troop transports and scouts in getting past the enemy line while preventing enemy transports and scouts from approaching yours.

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