Shakes and Fidget

Shakes and Fidget is a free online multiplayer role-playing game. If you enjoy making a character, going on missions, side quests, fetch quests, and fighting bosses for more loot and experience points, Shakes and Fidget will be right up your alley - ironically, of course. Shakes and Fidget is a humorous and funny MMORPG in which you can build a persona, win points in arena fights, hang out in taverns, combat dragons, go on missions, and waste a lot of time clicking yourself to absolute victory. If you like making a persona, going on missions, side quests, fetch quests, and battling bosses for further loot and experience points, you'll enjoy Shakes and Fidget - oddly, of course. Shakes and Fidget incorporates your favorite fantasy and MMORPG themes and gameplay while simultaneously reimagining them with a series of funny twists. It's a fantastic new twist on MMORPGs, and if you've exhausted any of the doom and gloom super serious MMORPG games available, you can give this free game a shot. Like every other MMORPG, you'll be able to customize your character's race, class, and gender before venturing into the unknown in search of quests, upgrades, keys, money, and adventure. Extend and develop your diplomacy, tactics, budget management, and character building abilities.

Control: To communicate with the game's menus, use the mouse and keyboard. Upgrade your stats, target other players, pick missions, and converse with both other players and non-player characters.

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