MineEnergy.fun is a completely free online game. Mine minerals, purchase generators for electricity generation, and position selling blocks to sell resources and energy for revenue. Purchase upgraded equipment, armor, new engines, and automated mines. Walls and Tesla coils can be used to secure the houses.



- To switch, use the arrow keys.
- E to open the Shop menu, use the left mouse button to attack.

Resources can be derived from ores in the following ways:

1. Coal ore
2. Iron ore
3. Golden ore
4. Diamond ore
5. Uranium ore

Each ore class has its own miner for automated resource extraction.

Place the generators as follows:

- Manual generator - produces electricity by interaction. While ineffective, it is appropriate when all other alternatives have been exhausted.

- Solar generator - a device that produces electricity from sunlight.

- Wind generator - a system that produces electricity from the wind.

- Coal generator - uses coal to produce electricity.

- Geothermal generator - uses lava to produce steam.

- Water turbine - uses water to produce electricity.

- Nuclear generator - uses uranium to produce steam.

Each generator consumes (or does not consume) anything and generates electricity. To sell resources for money, place the “Small seller” or “Big seller” block.

For a small sum of money, you can purchase upgraded tools such as:

- The wooden pickaxe is the simplest pickaxe. It generates little materials, but they are the cheapest.
- Pickaxe made of stone - pickaxe that has been modified More minerals can be mined. You will mine gold with it.
- Golden pickaxe - better pickaxe More minerals can be mined. It can be used to mine diamonds.
- Diamond pickaxe - the finest non-energy pickaxe. More minerals can be mined. It can be used to extract uranium.
- Drill - electric dimple drill It collects more capital while consuming more energy during service.
- The diamond drill is the most effective method for mineral production. It removes a significant amount of resources per strike, but it also absorbs more energy.
- Removes your blocks with a wrench. To break the stone, strike it with a wrench.

Armor can be purchased:

- Leather armour - it's difficult to name it armor, but it's better than nothing.
- Iron armor - absorbs some damage.
- Golden armor is superior to iron armor in that it takes further damage. And the players want to show off in front of her.
- Diamond armor is the most robust armor that does not require energy to function. If you don't have generators but have a lot of money o O, this is a perfect option.
- Carbon fiber shield - Nano armor It is more effective than diamond armor in terms of protection, but it consumes energy when absorbing damage.
- Quantum armour - the most powerful armor! Effectively absorbs the majority of the injury, but requires more energy. Unfortunately, it does not offer protection against coronavirus.

  Secure your structures with walls, Tesla coils, and a bed that will resurrect you after death. MineEnergy will keep you entertained and entertained!

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