Braains-io is a team-based io game in which you can play as either a zombie or a human.

Braains, as you may have guessed from the title, is a zombie survival game that is a lot of fun! Each server will have up to 50 players, with one starting as a zombie with the goal of spreading the pathogens by tagging humans. The humans' goal is, of course, to survive the whole match without being tagged; however, it is difficult to outrun them, so it is advised to barricade yourself somewhere safe with other teams.


- WASD/ Arrow keys to move
- Mouse to rotate, Left click to use item
- B to buy item
- E to pickup item on ground
- G to drop item from your hotbar to the ground
- Z to teleport to spawn ( for zombie only, 60s cooldown  )
- Enter to chat

How to play:

Braains is an amazing io zombie tag game where you start as a zombie and your aim is to tag humans and turn them into zombies so you're not alone. Once you've bitten others, they'll help you in your quest to infect all humans. There are some buildings on the map with exits and rubble to cover those entrances with; keep this in mind and strive not to unintentionally doom your teammates who are seated comfortably in houses with barricades, since they will not be pleased. To be competitive in this game, teamwork is essential; if several people cooperate and block off an entry, you have a much better chance of surviving, so keep this in mind!

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