PvP card fights in the theme of io ! is a unique game that provides an IO-style casual gaming experience with quick on-boarding and short sessions while adding collectible card game gameplay (CCG or TCG).

 How to play: 

- Simply press the Play button to begin a short onboarding match against the helpful training bot.
- After finishing the tutorial, you will be able to compete against other real teams!
- As soon as you defeat your first enemy, new cards will be added to your deck; make sure to look them over (My Collection button) as they will greatly boost your strength for the next match!
- To learn more about your rival, click on their blazon.

Sumary: Fight your opponents in 2-3 minute PvP card fights, unlock new cards, tweak your deck, immediately hop into the next battle, mount the persistent seasonal rankings (the score is dependent on your best winning streak! ), tailor your card back, and proudly show your blazon!


- Each turn, your cards and the opponent's cards (in hands) become more effective, so try to save your best resources for the best possible time to strike hard!
- TIP: Overload cards have the ability to pass their energy to other Overload cards! Make good use of them!
- TIP: Armor is critical to avoiding getting one-shot in the final game flips!
- TIP: You will win technology cards that will save your life! Don't dismiss them!

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