is a wonderful FSP that features Minecraft graphics. Take out your enemies on a big map. Decide whether you'll take an attacking approach and strike first, or whether you'll take a defensive approach and wait for another noob to cross your way.


- To switch, use the WASD or arrow keys.
- Use the left mouse button to shoot; use the space bar to jump; and use the shift key to run.


- Four distinct characters
- A day-night loop
- Guns scattered around the map 
- Large city

   Your goal is straightforward: win the arena and become the player with the most kills and the fewest deaths. Try to stop your enemies' fire and do as much damage as possible with your weapons. Keep an eye on your ammunition count and try to reload as soon as possible – you don't want to launch a firefight with an empty clip! Keep an eye out for strategic positions on the map where you can achieve an edge or cover. Will you overcome the novices and become a champion fighter?

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