Jammies.io is a no-cost io Game. Welcome to Jammies.io's wild and beautiful world. This is a 2D top-down HTML5 game with gameplay elements reminiscent of Splix.io. It is intended for desktop browsers and is not optimized for smartphones or tablets.

Players can begin in a small slime puddle and must expand their territories before their slime has filled the whole forest. When you're attempting to take over other slimes' territories, keep an eye on your own and protect if possible. There is no risk in colliding with barriers or the map's boundary walls. Obstacles may also be immensely helpful in terms of strategic leverage or security. Slime tails are transparent and vulnerable as they leave their territories. Allow no other slimes to come into contact with them. Hang near to your territory and return as soon as possible before some slime catches up with you. If you want to clog up other slimes' tails, attempt to bump into them while they aren't looking.

Control: Players will only travel in four directions: up, down, left, and right. Use the keyboard's arrow keys or WASD to navigate.

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