Ninja-io is a two-dimensional multiplayer ninja warrior io title. You are a Ninja fighter armed with a range of weapons. To beat the other players, use your moves and weapons to the best of your abilities. Battles take place on an ever-expanding variety of charts. Since players and other objects are subject to the laws of physics, each kill and action is completely special.

 How to play: 

  You have the option of playing as a guest or as a registered person. The game keeps track of registered users' accomplishments. has two game modes right now: Catch the Flag and Deathmatch.
Any player in Deathmatch competes against the other teams. The match will be won by the first player to reach the necessary number of kills. You and your squad must seize the enemy flag and return it to your flag in Capture the Flag. The match will be won by the first team to win three flags.

  In-game, press 'H' to pull up the support menu, which includes all of the keyboard commands and controls. You can also switch between Azerty and Qwerty keyboards and silence the recording.


- Make use of physics rules to your benefit!
- Shooting down from a higher altitude increases the energy of the missiles, rendering them more explosive. Gravity is excruciating!
- Direct hits will deflect grenades, RPG missiles, and other projectiles.
- Seek shelter behind artifacts and barriers, but bear in mind that blast shockwaves will travel through several obstacles.
- Take aim at the head! Specific impacts to individual body parts, such as the head or torso, can do greater damage than limb hits.
- Make use of teleportation gates, rotating stages, and trampolines.
- Over all, keep an eye out for new trends! is still under development.

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