Masked Shooters Assault


Masked Shooters Assault is a fun first-person shooter game for multiplayer. Take a break from Counter-Strike and enjoy this fantastic game in your browser. Play with your friends in the room, or make your own. You have three maps to choose from, each representing a different game mode. You can destroy in an abandoned warehouse, an arena with effective cover, or from high towers firing down on enemies. There are two simple game types to choose from. The first is FFA, which has no rules and pits everyone against each other, and the second is the classic mode, which pits two teams against each other. So don't be afraid to try something new, particularly if it has great graphics and is entertaining.

 Control: WASD to move, Mouse to shoot, Tab to open score tablr, 1 to 9: Guns, R to reload, C to crouch, Ctrl to prone, Shift to sprint, Space to jump, T to chat, Enter to send message

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