Mad City Prison Escape 2 New Jail

Jeffrey Cortés is a one-of-a-kind person who can break free from any prison thanks to his keen insight, reasoning, and wit. The verdict is unsatisfactory for the jailers, since he fled from several jails. Jeffrey Cortes, who was mistakenly imprisoned, is once again at the forefront of the film's storyline. His detention takes place in a high-tech building. The chances of escaping from here are zero. His friend is a security device builder, and he and his friend have devised an escape strategy that they would put into action. In order to achieve independence, Jeff would have to fight his own professionalism. However, the job at hand is to track down the person responsible for his arrest and exact vengeance on the organizer who took the case so seriously. Can the protagonist formulate a perfect escape plan and succeed in escaping?

Control: WASD to move, Mouse to shoot, Shift to run, P to pause, Space to jump, 1-2: switch weapons, E to interact


- Exciting journeys
- Amass a safe arsenal of guns.
- Sound effects and graphics are fantastic.
- Improve your abilities.
- Battles that are exciting to watch
- Controlling is easy.

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