J.O.K.E.R ll

J.O.K.E.R. ll is the successor to the 3D GTA-style action shooter title JOKER. In the open world, you can play for free. Complete the assignments, raise money, and rise through the ranks to become a well-known bad guy. The lead character is based on a well-known DC villain. If you remember who he is? Unpredictable sandbox of open world and bright graphics, you can get into serious criminal history at any time. There is a massive metropolis, new kinds of guns, shootings with cars and chases, complete the job for money, games with decent graphics without Internet shooting in the game. This city life, vehicles, you can start your own auto company, and you can buy a house after completing cash missions. Every second, something happens somewhere in a city. At first sight, a glamorous and healthy city seems to be an illusion. The availability of a commercial district with massive skyscrapers is the city's defining characteristic. You should scale one of the skyscrapers' roofs, find a parachute, and hop down. When descending from the top of one of the skyscrapers, take in the sights of Sunny Mad City.


- WASD to move
- Mouse to shoot
- Space to jump
- 1, 2 to switch weapons
- E to interact
- P to pause
- V to change camera


- You can skydive and jump with a parachute.
- Full action equality in the open world.
- Banks, weapons stores, and car repair shops.
- Much as in real life, the police can put a stop to whatever criminal activity you engage in.
- Physical physics and optical effects that are realistic.
- Graphical output can be configured, as well as the amount of traffic in the area.

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