German in Mad City

Herman Lobowski, a retired college professor who taught cooking at the Munich Culinary College before he was forced to leave his hometown due to personal reasons, is the protagonist of the story. He spent several hours at the library's machine after that, developing new recipes for popular German sausages that are adored all over the world. The story continues as Herman eventually returns home, where he is reunited with his childhood friend Klaus, with whom he had several adventures. This time was no exception; the main character and his friend were targeted by mysterious people right at the airport. What will be the outcome? Is it a matter of race? Are there any shootings? Do you want to go on an adventure? Shopliftings, perhaps? Any of this is revealed in the new game "German in Mad City."

 Control: WASD to move, Mouse to shoot, Space to jump, P to pause, E to interact, 1-2 to choose weapons

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