Amazing Strange Rope Police


Amazing Strange Rope Police is a superb city simulator game in which you play as a Spiderman-like superhero. You have the choice of becoming a superhero and saving the day, or you can choose to be the underdog and become a supervillain! The game's 3D graphics are incredible, and the massive city you can explore is enormous and full of surprises. You can also use a web shot, house ascent, and laser beam, among other superhero moves. To top it off, you have the option of dressing up in a variety of superhero costumes. Which route would you take?


- Move with the WASD or arrow keys.
- T: go to a nearby garage and open it
- Right click: laser 
- Q: shoot web
- Shoot or punch with the left mouse button.
- Jump with the space bar.
- Run with the left shift.
- X: Change weapons
- G: grenade F: open car R: open nearby shop
- Switch grenade (Z)
- C: change the vehicle's camera\

Controls for garbage trucks

- Pitchfork in hand: Z
- Down with the pitchfork: X
- Start of the dump: Q
- E is the end of the dump.
- Space for a lift container


- HD 3D graphics that are visually stunning
- Spiderman is a fully functioning character who can shoot webs to swing, climb buildings, and even fire a powerful laser.
- Missions to complete in various Spiderman costumes
- You are free to go wherever you want.

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