Fightz .io is a multiplayer PvP combat arena. There are different places, each with their own unique creatures and characteristics. Rabbits can be found anywhere, or you can choose to explore the dangerous land of the flaming dragons. There are also various weapons in the game, from the basic magic wand and the mighty golden cannon, to the god of death who shoots the flames of destruction.

  • Mouse: movement
  • Left mouse button: shoot
  • Right mouse button: Dash strategy
  1. Kill monsters, take food (small points) that they lose to level up.
  2. Fight against lower level ones and try to get rid of higher level players.
  3. The difference in level makes a huge difference, just like in the Wizarding World.
  4. Become a traditional farmer who only focuses on killing monsters, high level stalker warrior, low level only bully or murderous thief.

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