Downtown 1930s Mafia


Downtown 1930s Mafia is a place where gangs compete for territory. The black market, bank robbery, smuggling, illicit drinking, and raids are all on the rise. It is now open to the public. Consider yourself in the 1930s. You are a recent visitor to the United States. Create a gang and lead it to the top. Fight for the streets and respect with the rest. With your gang, go for a drive in the genuine trucks. We had been anticipating your arrival. In the Mafiosi nation, become a powerful Don. In this multiplayer third-person sniper game, you can play with hundreds of other players online.


- WASD or arrow keys = drive/walk
- H = Displays the assist panel, which includes all of the controls.
- F = get in/out of car, sit anywhere
- R = repair car 
- U = upside down car 
- T = stuck car reset 
- E = crouch
- G = greetings, friendly wave
- RETURN/ENTER = emphasis chat 
- Type /coffee to get a coffee in the game
- To get a bottle of starry's type of wine/bottle
- = go to the lobby
- I = panel to ignore/unignore
- K = Invite your friends 
- CTRL + L = Swing dance a little\


- Openworld 
- Guns 
- Driving 
- Gang drive by 
- Pick a Character 
- Bad Word Filter
- Gas station pumps can be fired for a splash damage effect.
- Invitation to perform together in the same room with friends

There are two types of rooms: full fight and open fight. In an open fight, anybody would battle you. Do not whine about the difficulty of the game. Every player is still respected.
Room for administration. There is a player administrator in the room. If you don't follow the laws of the room, you could be kicked out. If you leave the room as the admin, the room loses its admin functionality and becomes a Full Fight room.

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