defly-io and splix-style games merge in! In tense and epic duels, pilot a helicopter and shoot down enemies! Conquer as much land as possible by erecting walls to defend yourself. Fill in places to level up, and upgrade the planes and structures. To beat your foes, use amazing superpowers!


- WASD is used to move around (or arrow keys)
- Create with a right-click or a space bar.
- Mouse: Aim
- Left-click to shoot
- Upgrade by clicking on the ability or pressing the buttons. 1–7


- Right-click or press space to create towers, then go through them to connect them.
- When you complete an area, you will receive score and XP points.
- Walls can be used to shield yourself because enemy bullets bounce off of them, but your bullets pass right through them!
- Protect yourself until you've leveled up and crushed the enemies that dared to strike you!
- Extend the sphere of influence and attempt to conquer the entire map.

Make the best use of your abilities:

- Player speed: allows you to go faster forever.
- Bullet range: your bullets will travel farther. - Bullet speed: your bullets will hit the enemy sooner.
- Reload speed: you can fire more frequently - Build distance: this is important not only to build faster, but also to defend yourself in combat by erecting walls in front of you.
- Tower shield: Use a shield to defend your buildings.
- Tower HP: make it more difficult to kill your towers by allowing them to withstand up to 5 shots.

You will be given one of the six superpowers that recharge in 30s when you reach level 20:

- Dual shot: massive bursts of firepower
- Clone: double your firepower and confure your ennemy - Pace boost: make faster moves to flee or get around enemy
- Flashbang: for a few seconds, white out your opponent's screen.
- Teleport: use it for surprise attacks or evasion... the choice is yours!
- Shield: reduces risk by allowing you to take one shot before dying.

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