The free .io game is Everyone play in a lobby inspired by the parkours to get to the end of the maps! Sweep over vast thematic realms, switch, run and leap - without crashing into your death. Race to the end, win a high score, and gain gold. Then invest the hard-won gold in the Shop by pressing B, buy powerups so that you can achieve an even more awesome high score.

Controls :

- Switch with the WASD keys.
- Shift to run  (alternately, double-tap w)
- C to crouch (alternatively, Z, I, or CAPS LOCK) Crouch
- T or ENTER to chat
- B - Open Shop
- Start command - /


/nobuffs - speedrun for the top spot on a separate leaderboard without any buffs
/rtv - not a fan of this map? Vote to skip it!
/players - see the current players in your lobby.
/xp - See your level and xp.
/played - See how much time you've spent having tons of fun.

  BloxdHop io online is a fairly basic game with the only purpose of jumping around various platforms and reaching the end of the level. It's much harder than at first it seems. Platforms are very far away and other players could spoil your attempts by losing your concentration. The levels can include various topics. You will have to begin again if you call down to the field. Every stage has an end time limit, so you have to be fast!

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