Deeeep io is a free-to-play ocean-based io game. It is similar to in that the key goal is to ascend the food chain and conquer the ocean. You begin as a human and aspire to develop into larger and stronger species in order to improve your odds of survival.

 Control: The buttons are simple; you use the mouse to maneuver and the space bar to accelerate forward a small distance; this can be helpful for closing the gap between you and an opponent or catching up to your prey.

How to play:

 In the aquatic realm of Deeep, the main goal is survival. Starting out can be difficult because the people already on the server have begun their ascension up the food chain, but fear not, there is plenty of food to go around for newcomers as well! As you eat food, you can fill your xp bar at the bottom of the screen; once complete, your character will immediately turn into a new creature with different characteristics. It is also necessary to keep an eye on the oxygen meter because certain species, such as seagulls, cannot breathe under water infinitely but can rise above the water instead. When playing, keep in mind that something larger than you will eat you, with the exception of players of the same species; however, sharks are exempt from this clause.

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