Craftnite-io is a game that mixes Minecraft and Fortnite.


- W: go ahead and do so.
- S: go backwards
- A: left strafe 
- D: right strafe
- SPACE: make a leap
- LEFT-CLICK: fire
- TAB: open stock
- 1,2,3,4,5: change object

How to play:

  Take down other players to become the #1 player, and win stairs and dynamites by rekting other players. More loot will be sent to you if you take headshots. Build stairs to access higher floors. Destroy all around you with dynamite! To rob steps, farm trees.


- Sniper bullets are projectiles with travel time; keep this in mind if you aim from a long distance. 
- If you shoot stairs on other players, it will harm them. 
- Retain Room to climb mountains/stairs very easily and smoothly. 
- Strike the chest or head of the players to do more damage. 
- Hit headshots to get more loot (hold SPACE)
- If the map gets too chaotic/destroyed, the server will restart every few hours. 
- Dropping will NOT damage you.


  You will be given a sniper, a pickaxe, 1 dynamite, and 20 stairs when you spawn. Your objective is to cover as quickly as possible to avoid being spotted and shot by other players. You have two options: dig and hide into the earth with the pickaxe, or create stairs to enter higher ground.

  If you choose choice #1, use the numerical shortcut on your keyboard to turn to the pickaxe, or press TAB to open your inventory and click on the pickaxe. If you have it, shoot to smash the blocks around you to kill them and dig a nice pit or tunnel, just don't dig too deep or you'll end up underwater!

  If you choose choice #2, use the numerical shortcut on your keyboard or TAB to open your inventory and click on the stairs. Once you have them in your hands, here's a trick for quickly building nice stairs: target down a little, keep LEFT-CLICK and SPACE at the same time, and you'll be able to build stairs quickly and smoothly while ascending them at the same time, just like in Fortnite. When you hit high ground, switch back to your sniper and fire down players to gain points and loot.

The Bomber strategy:

  Some players like this one; get your first kill to loot a couple of dynamites, then start firing dynamites at those around you; each kill will give you more dynamites, and so on. But be careful not to miss the targets, or you'll run out of explosive fast! Aim directly at other players to blow them up and double the loot! Construct stairs to hit higher ground to get a clearer view of the world, and position dynamites anywhere you see a player hiding.

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