Conflict of Nations: World War 3


So, what are you really looking for? The planet isn't going to take care of itself. Chaos reigns, and the universe has devolved into a powderkeg waiting for a lunatic to light a fuse. It could be you, and it could be right now! Select your country (or let the machine do it for you) and then plan your strategy! The world is at war, and you are the only one who can save it. Take the reins of this writhing mass and ride it to submission. Choose your infantry, armor units, air force, and maybe even your navy! Upgrade one of these units as you devise a plan for supplying capital and managing the economy of your expanding kingdom! There is an incentive for calm in the midst of disorder. You have the opportunity to be the command. You will be the catalyst that ignites the blaze that consumes the horror and turmoil of the future.

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