Wormax io


Wormax .io is a free multiplayer deep survival game inspired by Slither .io and it's definitely a fun one! Move around the screen endlessly and endlessly eat colorful dots to grow into the biggest worm in Wormaxio. In this exciting online multiplayer game, you must kill other players and eat them to grow and get higher scores. If you touch the heads of other players, you will explode and die. Log in, team up with your friends and play together. Become the deep leader of the game in Wormax io. Have fun!

Screen size: 690x400 and Full screen

  Controls: Again the controls for this game are very simple, the mouse cursor controls every snake's movement and using the spacebar will allow you to increase your speed at a cost of points.

How to play WORMAX: If you've played any other Slither-based game, you should know the basics now, you start small and aim big while asserting snake domination by how to kill other worms that are bigger or smaller than you. As I briefly mentioned before, one of the coolest features is the addition of cool power-ups, there are a number of features that can be found and used to your advantage on the map for example. like invisibility! I know I promised more details but I think I'd better leave you that little hint and let you explore the rest for yourself, good luck and fun!

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