Mope .io is a browser / survival game set in colorful 2D environments. You start out as a mouse and aim to find your way up the food chain by eating berries to gain XP. Your goal is simply to stay alive, do this by expanding the food chain and avoiding predators.

  Game controls: The player's movement is controlled through mouse movement, keep in mind that your movement may be slowed down or hindered by some objects if they are larger than your character. For example, when you first spawn, you can't eat mushrooms or move over them, so it's best to go around them. Sprints are available in the game and can be used by pressing or holding in your SPACEBAR but note that this dosage consumes water to use!

 How To Play: As mentioned earlier, you start at the bottom of the food chain as a mouse, when you eat berries, you get xp to evolve into another creature. Friendly players / objects are indicated through a lighter green border rather than an object outline, dangerous players are indicated by a red border, make sure you avoid these players as people new! While eating berries is a way to progress the food chain, it is important to keep your water meter high by consuming the blue spots that spawn around water spots. (Larger blue blobs) Water is consumed slowly when you move around or the more active is exhausted when sprinting.

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