Little Big Snake


Little Big Snake is a multiplayer game in which your goal is to become the biggest snake! This is a dynamic game in a bright world, inhabited by many different fun creatures, some of which are playable: yes, not just snakes, try for yourself! You can improve your skills, improve your skin collection, gain achievements and trophies, play with friends, and more. This is a true MMO game that will constantly evolve and evolve into new opportunities. We came a long time ago!


  Start the game session as a small worm and need food to grow and transform into a giant snake that devours everything along the way and can surround others. Beware your head: if you pierce someone else's body with your head, you will become food for others. It is not a place to relax: a skillful child can easily cut off and kill a giant snake: dexterity matters, not size. Try yourselves in this wonderful world!


  You will only need your brain and a mouse with one button to accelerate. The keyboard is not necessary for you to comfortably hold a girlfriend who can't take his eyes off the screen to see how great you are. Easy entrance but deep master!

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