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Exploder .io is free .io game. This game is a masterpiece of pixel art and invites you to stretch your arms in the classic multiplayer game based on the classic Bomberman. It focuses on PvP. The player must survive on a maze map and fight opponents and other monsters around them. On the map there are many things that increase your power and chances of victory! The game is easy to start and easy to understand, but it takes you a long time to really get used to all the tips and strategies to maximize your potential!

ControlThe game works on mobile and desktop browsers. On mobile, you can choose between portrait or landscape mode, depending on which mode you are most comfortable with.

For the computer: use WASD or the arrow keys to move and press the space button to place the bomb.
For mobile devices: drag and hold to move in a certain direction and touch the bomb icon to place the bomb.

Game Features:
  • The vibe of the old Bomberman game is good.
  • The game is easy to participate in but difficult to master.
  • Ability to customize characters with an in-game store where you use virtual currency.
  • "Friends" game mode with private lobby and ranking.
  • You will earn experience points and virtual money for each battle.
  • Small cards are focused and designed around a fast and deep playing experience.
  • A waiting room with a few monsters to practice while waiting for other players to defend themselves.

Advice Exploder .io Game:
  • The longer the battle lasts with all the bricks destroyed, the faster the monsters. Additionally, subsequent waves of monsters were more frequent, making survival much more difficult.
  • The most beneficial short-term strategy is to kill other players, but you can ally with other players and try to stay alive as long as possible. For each monster you kill, you will receive experience points and virtual currency, and you can exchange them later in the store for your favorite skins.
  • Be careful, a random reward can have an unpredictable effect! These can include negative effects such as delaying or not being bombarded for a while. However, you have to take the risk of trying to be rewarded with question marks because your chances of getting a positive effect are twice as high as your chances of getting a negative one. In addition, the positive effects last longer than the negative effects.
  • The acceleration bonus is one of the most useful, but at first it is difficult to control. You can try to overtake other players and hold down the bomb key to block and kill them, but remember that is not a quick fix.
  • When you are under the slow reward, the best thing to do is focus on survival and place bombs in strategic places to block other players.
  • The most effective bonus towards the end of the game is improving your explosive range. Even with just a few bombs, you can surprise other players and destroy dozens of monsters with a single blast. This is why you should aim to collect this reward if you think the game will last so long that there will be no more bricks on the map. The bomb bonus is also beneficial, but can be difficult to control if you get the bombing bonus.
  • The behavior of monsters is random and they can change their direction of movement at any time.
  • You can fight with your friends and create a private lobby that you control in "Play with Friends" mode.

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