Wilds io

Wilds io is an awesome multiplayer arena game where you have to fight to the top. You are in nature and need to protect yourself against all kinds of wild creatures like bears, little monsters, robots and other players. The game is a little slow at times, but it's fun! Become a barbarian in this hack-n-slash multiplayer game with RPG elements. Confirm your position by defeating enemies in the arena or explore the ruins and mountains for gold which you can spend on new weapons. To climb the leaderboards you will have to learn to use special moves and counter enemy attacks - wilds .io has one of the deepest combat mechanics among games. io is easy to understand, but requires skill to learn it well. You can play solo or join one of the teams. There is also the CTF and a unique brutal football mode that awaits your blood. Try it right away.


- W/A/S/D to move 
Mouse to attack 
- Space to jump

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