LoL Beans


LOL Beans io is a fun platform battle royale game, is a multiplayer racing game where you have to dodge obstacles. Overcome obstacles in battle royale style gameplay that takes out It's's Knockout, Wipeout, or Ninja Warrior. A typical multiplayer game with rounds in which slower players are phased out. In the end, only one player wins and gets the crown!

Screen size: 690x400 and full Platform: web browsers and mobile devices 

  • Keyboard: move your pea using WASD or the arrow keys. Jump with space or right click. Look around with the mouse. 
  • Mobile: Move with the virtual joystick on the left. Look by swiping to the right. Click the button to jump.

  Race against the clock through tricky obstacles. Each qualifying round will eliminate players who do not finish on time. If you finish last, you qualify for the next round. In the final round, only one pea can be the winner.

  Each level features a bunch of insane new obstacles, from swaying hammers and slippery hills to an avalanche of bouncing balls with angry faces.

How to play
  • Finish before the other players to qualify for the next round.
  • Avoid obstacles, escape traps, don't fall into space.
  • Defeat the chaos, beat your opponents and be the first in the last round to win!
Similar games

   LOLBeansio is similar to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Another game based on the same idea is Fall Beans. These are both multiplayer games and great to play online with friends!

  For games that typically involve obstacle avoidance, check out House of Hazards and play with up to four local players. Check out fun games and obstacles for other similar games.

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