Gartic io

Gartic .io is a group guessing game you can play with your friends! Draw, guess and win! Gartic io is like that. Find out what other players are drawing and draw your own amazing pictures for them to guess before the time runs out. Draw, guess, win. It's that simple! Gartic io also allows players to create private rooms to play with friends and choose from 6 drawing themes.

Screen size: 690x600 and Full screen

 Platforms: Web browsers (desktop and mobile), Android and iOS

 Game controls: Left click to select color and drag left mouse to draw.

How to play: Gartic io's a simple game!

  When it is the turn of another player, try to guess which draw. Use the answer box to submit your prediction. You can also use the chat field to have fun chatting with other players.

  When it's your turn to draw, use the tools to create the best drawing you can! The more players find the word, the more points you get!

Start drawing

Gartic is an online drawing game with guessing factors based on your ability to compose the words you are given. When it's your turn, draw a picture based on the two options presented to you. Choose the one you like and suggest a few letters with the "hint" button if it's difficult!

Points are awarded to the player who guessed correctly. Drawing letters, numbers and symbols is against the rules, but everything else happens! You can report violations to users who ignore their queue.

Play with friends

To start the game, select a nickname and click "play". If you want to find a more specific theme, you can join your own game room or create your own in the "room". There you can create private multiplayer games with special settings just for you and your friends. Subscribe and you can also create your own themes, add favorites and chat with other players.

Draw a theme

Garticio has several drawing themes. Choose from animals, food, common and workplaces - for Minecraft, Dota and Clash Royale. If that's not enough, you can subscribe and create your own themes!


***Quick tips: As you draw, you can send clues to players to help them find the word, but the more clues you give, the less points you get for each find. Good luck!
  • Try to find a quick word for which you can get more points.
  • Try to draw quickly and don't spend too much time on details. Here, it is important to help players find words.
  • Never write anything in your picture. You may be recognized by other players and lose all points scored on the next turn.

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