Yonzo.io is a no-cost .io game. Welcome to Yonzo's crazy world! It is an io game that is simply a collection of smaller mini-games. You may collect money, keys, and upgrade as much as you want. If you enjoy competing against yourself or others, you will enjoy playing Yonzo.

A 3D Social Multiplayer World featuring 30 mini-games. This is the genuine online squid game. Play with friends or strangers from all around the world, meet new people, and set new records.


Control: Mouse and WASD/Arrow keys

  In Yonzo World, you may customize your avatar and play a variety of games. Characters may be upgraded and pets can be trained. Make new friends and meet new folks. The new online social environment is there in front of you. Collect keys to unlock the mountain's riches, and don't forget to collect a lot of coins. The money you have accumulated will allow you to purchase headwear for your character as well as other items in the near future!

I'm looking forward to meeting you in Yonzo.

Yonzo.io's video walkthrough:

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