ArrowFest: Arrow celebration Aim carefully and launch your arrow around the environment, controlling it to avoid obstacles and achieve the farthest goal! To get the most arrows, try to double your Arrows Fest number. Arrow Fest is a game that will teach you how to control and double your score. It's time to take command of your arrows fest, put on your fringier, and slaughter everyone on your rapid arrow fest! Collect as many coins as you can to improve your rapid arrows festival and income!

Control: Mouse

How to play:

- Arrow Fest is a simple and straightforward game with simple controls. 
- Simply swipe to control your arrows. 
- Pass through the greatest gates to increase your arrows. 
- Destroy your foes and giants to win tons of cash.


- Arrow Fest is a free and easy game to play! 
- Many unique levels to play! 
- Many enemies and giants to defeat! 
- There are a plethora of gates to choose from! 

ArrowFest's video walkthrough:

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