Pixel Apocalypse Survival

Pixel Apocalypse Survival: The Earth and also continually annihilate tens of billions of the dead. Everywhere, the zombies produce mayhem. It is the war anyone who isn't dead ought to join! The zombie empires can always occur. Perhaps the final day will be today! An MPS-16 team of survivors seeks to gather additional individuals who live there.

The globe is being surrounded by snipers, guns, and other shooters to kill zombies. Dead Valley is the destination of this hard trek between East and East. The journey starts terribly, the gang is caught by swarms of zombies in a gallery. The shooters must struggle with a few firearms into the dark evening. However, a secret is revealed that makes the survivors believe firmly in their goal. Your current conflict starts. Millions of people are gathering weapons to develop their groups in intriguing weapons games – a fun game of shooting!


- WASD keys to control character 
- Mouse to look around, shooting, change gun on scroll 
- Tab to open menu 
- Q, E keys: attachments and camo gun 
- Enter to chat

Pixel Apocalypse Survival's video walkthrough:

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