Drama is an arcade game in which you must learn to surmount each level in a new method and finish the game most lives. Sometimes you must discover concealed things, sometimes you must utilize your talents, and all your skills must be tested in other situations.


- Up arrow key or W key to jump and climb rope or ladder.
- Down or S key to go down rope or ladder
- Left arrow or A key to move left
- Right arrow or D key to move right
- Space to  jump off the rope or ladder


— Take the greatest options for Frank to complete his track in the quickest feasible time with the most lifetimes 
— If you ask for an indication, life will be deducted 
— If you reboot, you will also lose your life.
— Time is controlled. Time is controlled. Do not be sidetracked, utilize your knowledge and be clever

Drama's video walkthrough:

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