Can you be the last man in the epic game SCAR? SCAR is an epic royal combat multiplayer game with the very popular PUBG. You will traverse an open terrain and have to collect weapons and objects against the other players in this game.

You may also get into the cars to get about the map more quickly. Always watch out for your environment, since the adversaries might be everywhere. Can you be the last guy in SCAR to stand and dominate?



- WASD/Arrow keys to move/drive
- Mouse to shoot and aim
- Shift to run
- Space to roll
- Scroll mouse to switch weapon
- G key to get an item
- F key to fight
- R key to reload
- Tab to show the scoreboard
- T key to taunt
- V key to change the view


- Third person shooter game 
- Various classes with a distinct arm set.
- Cool choices for taunting
- 2 modes of game
- Many driving vehicles

  SCAR is one of the greatest online games we've seen for a while in the free third-person shooter. The grafts are fantastic and the fight is tough yet entertaining for the royal playtime. Once you become acquainted with the controls, your adversaries may be selected and your skills improved.

You have to utilize stealth and play cautiously to play this entertaining royal combat game. You might get picked up or overwhelmed if you go with all guns blazing. It is vital to pick weapons - make sure you are comfortable choosing a weapon with.

There are countless classes - every class may use various weapons and has a certain ability. Use a class you like, but with which you also work. Remember to taunt your opponents too after you kill to make this removal so much better!

Finally, SCAR is a game with fantastic cars like buggies, quads, and cars. Although most vehicles have no weaponry, you may utilize them rapidly to move around the big terrain. In addition, cars can also offer cover or a fast trip.

Give this fantastic third person a try now and see whether in the Battle Arena you can conquer!

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